Sarah Elliot

I am Sarah Elliot, and I work with Home Automation and Smart Security for home-building projects and fun. 

Like many of us born in the 1990s, an automated home was a dream of mine. 

Doors opening when we approach and smart bulbs turning off when the room is empty were a dream for many years.

And I was taken by so much enthusiasm when companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon launched their smart home products like Google Home, HomeKit, and Alexa Home.

Since then, I have spent a considerable amount of my time testing and customizing how these products can enable Home Automation and security. It is the same passion that created

I want to be a central destination for everyone who wants to enable home automation in their residential or commercial spaces. 

Therefore, we will be coming with home automation tutorials, tech guides, and product reviews. So, regardless of the size of the project and the control you need, you can get started with your Home Automation setup in a minute. 

I have also noticed that people do not care about the security of the smart home products they set up. Not to spook you, but many smart home products are pretty vulnerable to attacks if not installed correctly. At, we do not want that to happen, and we would provide the proper steps to stay safe.

We have a separate section for Home Automation Security and Tech Guides. There, you can find several tutorials and other resources that can help you enable maximum automation. 

We also cover a column that discusses the brand-new changes in the world of smart home devices and their impact on privacy. I am glad to have assembled a group of people who are as passionate as I am regarding digital things and connected security. 

In the end, I do not want to be a random tech blog. We always make the extra effort to bring you content to make your lives better. You would also be able to get the best out of that Wi-Fi camera and other smart devices you have bought for your dream home.

I hope becomes your best companion for automating your home and keeping it secure from all sorts of digital threats. After all, smart tech should offer peace of mind and convenience.