9 Awesome Alexa Games to Play

Popular Alexa Games

Alexa has a reputation for being the most switched-on assistant, but among her scheduling and smart home integration, she’s also a lot of fun.

If you own an Amazon Echo or related product, you probably have no idea just what Alexa is capable of, and the many ways you can waste hours having fun with her.

What fun can you have with Alexa?

Amazon Echo’s Alexa is a virtual assistant that can play games, tell jokes, and challenge users with trivia and entertaining quizzes. There are games and activities for kids through to adults, and hundreds of ways you can use the smart hub to have some fun.

If you’re lucky enough to have Alexa as a companion, you’re about to find her a lot more enjoyable, as we’ve got a list of the best games she can play and unique ways to have fun.

We’ve compiled some entertaining ways that your Amazon Echo and Alexa can keep you busy and counted down the coolest games and tricks up her digital sleeve.

The Best Games to Play With Alexa

Alexa isn’t all about serious business and helping you run a household, but making everyone laugh and think, as well.

Every time she’s updated, Alexa comes up with new and exciting ways to play around, and these are just a portion of the cool games she has on offer from your Amazon Echo or related device.

#1: Song Quiz

song quiz

Music lovers rejoice as Alexa Is capable of doing more than just playing whatever song you’ve requested. Song Quiz is a fun game you can play by yourself or with others, and it relies on your savvy music knowledge of your chosen music decade and a keen listening ear to go all the way.

Song Quiz is a game that plays short clips of songs which you then have to guess the artist and title of. Each time you answer, you’ll get the next song, until you’ve heard six songs in total from the round. Once complete, the bonus round begins, and the player with the most points at the end is declared the winner.

#2: 20 Questions

If you’re feeling lonely and want someone to play with, or are just looking for a quick mental break, 20 Questions with Alexa is a lot of fun. All you have to do is choose an animal in your head, tell Alexa you want to play, and let her ask you the questions.

The goal here is not to let Alexa figure out what your animal is with her 20 questions, but she has some pretty specific ones, like “does it live in grasslands”. Kids can play this one as well and it can give them a boost to their general knowledge and thinking skills, so there’s no limit on age.

#3: Magic Door

kids games with Alexa

Who knew a digital assistant was capable of taking you to a faraway land so easily? With the game Magic Door, Alexa does just that, and it’s a choose your own adventure game that’s pretty basic but still a lot of fun.

This is the ideal game for young kids to play and it gives them a sense of what Alexa is all about. During the game, the Amazon Echo will ask you questions like where you want to explore and let you decide what path to take next, eventually leading to the end of the story that was created yourself.

#4: Bingo

There’s no need to head down to the local bingo hall just to have some fun, as all you’ll need is Alexa and some printed bingo cards that you can download for free from several online resources. To play, just say “Alexa, open Bingo” and you can hear her call out numbers as well as record those she’s already read on the Alexa app.

Bingo is a great family game to play but it moves quickly, so it’s probably not the best option for smaller kids. You can have as many players as you like though, as long as everyone has a printed card and their bingo dauber ready for action.

#5:  Memory Match

Memory games are an excellent brain workout and even if you have no cards, Alexa can still find a way to play. In Memory Match, you’ll be relying on your imagination to play, and visualizing a table of cards four by three.

As you go through the game, you’ll ask Alexa to flip certain cards on the table by saying their position and have to find a match. Although it sounds challenging, you can feel your brain getting some much-needed experience, and it makes it even better when you don’t have the cards right in front of you to rely on.

#6: Where in the World

Where in the World Game

This is a great game to play by yourself while you’re cooking dinner, bring out at a party, or let your kids enjoy it as a fun way to learn geography. Where in the World is a trivia game hosted by Alexa that asks a bunch of different questions about the world, its capital cities, languages spoken, and more.

Where in the World can be played by asking “Alexa, open Geography Trivia” and jumping straight into the action. This is an entertaining way to get smarter and you won’t even realize you’re learning something because you’ll be having so much fun.

#7: Deal or No Deal

You can finally make your game show dreams come true with Deal or No Deal, available through your Alexa enabled device. Just like the TV show, you’ll need to choose a briefcase out of 22 different numbers, and then open a set number of them in each round with the hopes you’ll choose the ones with the smallest amount of money.

When each round is over, the banker will offer you some money, and you can either take it or say the classic line, “no deal”. The end goal here is to take home the $1 million case, but unfortunately, it’s just a game, and Alexa won’t be able to make you an instant millionaire even if you win.

#8: Escape the Room

Ecsape the room with Alexa

With all the hype that escape rooms are getting these days, it makes sense for Alexa to get on board. Say to your device, “Alexa, open Escape the Room” and you’ll be started, trying to figure out how to get out of a room just by using your wits.

In each of these challenges, you’ll have to solve puzzles and find ways to interact with certain objects to continue. There are several rooms to try out and they get harder as the game progresses. For added fun, compete against friends and family on their Alexa device and see who wins with the best time.

#9: The Orpheus Device

This game is better suited to adults as it can get a little creepy and sees your Alexa-enabled device turn into a portal to access a dysfunctional family of ghosts. While playing, you’ll be able to speak to each of them and make your way around an imaginary haunted house that starts to feel very real.

Rather than just hearing Alexa’s monotone sounds, there’s all manner of noises to be found here, along with each ghostly family member having their own voice. This adventure game is spooky and thrilling, and easily one of the most entertaining things you can do with Alexa.

Related Questions

Alexa is just one of the digital guides you can use to make life smarter, and in addition to the fun games she can play, there’s a whole lot of functionality as well.

To learn more about what these smart hubs and assistants have to offer, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to give you an idea of why they’re so appealing.

Can Alexa Drop In Silently?

drop in sound when pairing Alexa

The drop in feature of an Amazon Echo allows you to listen in to a specific area, but it’s not possible to turn this on without it making a noise.

When you drop into another Alexa-enabled device, the other party will hear a ringing noise and its light will flash green the entire time you’re connected through this feature.

Can Alexa Send Messages?

Your Alexa-enabled device is capable of sending SMS messages to other Amazon Echo devices, landline, and mobile phones.

This hands-free feature is performed through the Alexa app on either iOS or Android devices, and it costs nothing to send an SMS to another party this way.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Alexa?

There are no costs to use the Alexa assistant once you’ve purchased an Amazon Echo or related device and no ongoing fees.

However, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you may be able to access additional features of the digital assistant that aren’t available to non-subscribers.


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