Top 7 Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security system review

A business is an asset like any other and needs protecting just as you would protect your home.

Thankfully, there are several security systems out there that meet the unique needs of all kinds of businesses and they do it in a modern and efficient way, letting you take control of the reigns if you choose.

What are the best commercial security systems on the market?

Among the current top contenders are Vivint, Simplisafe, ADT, Lorex, and Frontpoint, each catering to specific business types and requirements. If you want to keep your company safe physically and digitally, these security systems do it all from video surveillance to cybersecurity.

To find the perfect protection for your business, we’ve compared the heavy hitters to find out what they offer.

With a customized plan to meet just about any company’s security goals, we guarantee you’ll find one that’s got everything you need to keep this important asset safe.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the security systems, we got you covered:

security systems

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The Best Commercial Security Systems Out There

Commercial security is more than just protecting against theft and vandalism, and it requires a dedicated system that can do it all.

After searching high and low, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of commercial security systems that meet every type of need a business has, and what makes them stand out from the pack.

#1: Vivint

vivint camera

Vivint has become one of the leaders in smart security for domestic and commercial spaces, and with good reason.

Their cameras are a major part of this popularity and you can use them along with their other smart gadgets to make your office efficient, protected, and responsive to threats.

Vivint gives free phone quotes and can customize a setup to suit, or you can go it alone and monitor all of the devices yourself.

Among the offerings from Vivint, you’ll get indoor and outdoor surveillance, smart locks, vehicle security, inventory control, and emergency response. On the digital side of things, they’re lacking, so there are no options like malware protection and cyber security. If your business needs protection in this area, you’ll want to upgrade to a more expensive system that can do it all.

When it comes to commercial security, this setup would suit a small business owner or someone who operated from home.

While it’s not as comprehensive as others, it gives you a little more control of how you protect your business, and you’ve got the option to self-monitor to save money.

They have different plans to choose from and offer more than just security, so if you’re after a smart system that can integrate with your office and modernize how it’s run, Vivint is the way to go.

#2: Simplisafe

simplisafe security system

Just as their name suggests, Simplisafe makes it easy to get protection for your business and home. Their approach to commercial security is to put it in your hands and make it affordable for you to do so.

Compared to other brands, their cameras and sensors are well-priced, and they even have a free self-monitoring option that can save you a lot of cash if you’re willing to do it alone.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing on offer here for cyber security, as Simplisafe focuses more on surveillance and keeping the business protected. If you deal with sensitive information online or don’t already have an internet security suite set up, it’s probably not ideal.

We suggest this option for a small business in an office environment or those without a lot of goods kept on the premises. The installation is easy, you can do it yourself, and it’s an affordable way to keep an eye on everything.

Simplisafe has a 24/7 professional monitoring plan for around $30 a month, or you can do it for free with self-monitoring.

They sell standalone packages or entire kits with smart hubs, sensors, cameras, and more included. Their products integrate with other smart devices for cohesiveness and are a great choice if you’re trying to launch your business into the smart era without going broke in the process.

#3: ADT

ADT system

ADT has been around a long time in the security game and if you take the security of your business seriously, they’re a trusted brand.

Within their commercial suite, you’ll get the full package including environmental alerts, cybersecurity, video surveillance, and intruder protection. Their devices are smart with remote access through the ADT app and voice control thanks to Alexa and Google Assistant, with the system being about to sync with the rest of your office’s smart setup.

The installation process is all handled by ADT staff, it’s fast to complete, and you get a good trial period of 30 days to make sure it’s what you want.

There are various plans made to suit your business and they last for 36 months, which is pretty lengthy, but it works out to around $2 a day for professional monitoring and the rest of the setup.

Their cyber security offerings are where they stand out most and if you have a lot of dealings online, you can feel safe about it. Not only will the suspicious activity be reported to you instantly but you’ll also get a weekly report so you can see what’s been going on.

ADT would be our top pick for medium-sized businesses with more than three employees and those looking for commercial-grade quality and customer service, with a higher price tag.

#4: Link Interactive

Link Interactive

Link Interactive is one of the lesser-known brands but still a good choice for small to mid-sized businesses who don’t want to self-monitor their security.

Within their range are business specific accessories like cameras, touchpads, panic button, motion sensors, and more, so you can deck out your office for complete protection. They also offer other automated solutions like locks, heating and cooling, and lights, so your entire office can become smart.

Where Link stands out is the quality of their equipment, and this is proven with their length three year warranty on hardware.

Although there’s no self-monitoring option, it’s a good choice for those who want professional protection, and you can expect to pay around $30 a month for the most basic plan and 24/7 monitoring. This is another brand without cyber protection but lots of smart integrations and remote access options available, which might be enough to meet your needs.

We recommend Link Interactive if you have a niche business that requires a customized approach to commercial security, and you’re not happy just signing up for a general plan with any old company.

You DIY the installation when they send the hardware, but Link will help with the rest and can come up with the perfect security suite to protect your business.

#5: Lorex

Lorex security

If you care about choosing the best quality cameras for your business’ security needs, Lorex should be one of your top picks. With their commercial grade hardware, you’ll get so much more than a standard camera thanks to features like vandal-proof casing, 115-foot night vision, and color night vision imaging, and high-definition live streams and recordings.

The biggest selling point for Lorex is the quality of their cameras and if you have a business that needs a keen eye keeping watch, this will appeal to you.

Unlike other commercial security systems, they have a huge variety of cameras like wireless, WiFi, MPX, IP, and MPX, as well as options for storage like the cloud and straight to DVR. You can use their website to look through the various cameras and how they differ before deciding on the best for your business.

The options for how to buy are great as well, with just one camera possible, or up to a 32 pack to keep every angle of your business protected.

As expected for this quality, the cost of Lorex’s cameras is higher than most but they’ll last a lot longer if you take care of them. Lorex doesn’t offer any professional monitoring plans nor do they have professional installation, so once you buy, you’re on your own.

#6: Frontpoint


Frontpoint is a great choice for a small business with small needs, but that doesn’t mean their security accessories aren’t worth considering. Within the Frontpoint range, you’ll get to choose from smart automation, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, keypads, remotes, and hazard protection just to name a few.

The quality of Frontpoint’s cameras is second to none and they stand out with a smash-proof wireless alarm system that can’t be beaten.

If you’re constantly worried about vandals or burglars making their way into your business, you can put your trust in Frontpoint to keep them away. Unfortunately, there are no cyber security accessories or monitoring options, so if you need an upgrade in this area, you can head to ADT.

There’s no 24/7 customer support on offer from Frontpoint, so it can be hard if you run into issues, but they do offer plans with 24/7 professional monitoring. Cost-wise, they’re a little more expensive for this service, and you’ll pay around $45 a month for their Ultimate Monitoring plan, which seems to be the cheapest option out there.

However, their cameras and accessories are reasonably priced so it tends to balance out. This is a good choice for all business types who don’t need cyber security and is especially ideal for people with goods to protect.

#7: Abode


Abode is a huge seller in both home and business security systems, and they appeal to people who like to do it themselves. They have self monitoring options, installation is DIY, and you select the cameras and accessories your business needs, putting the whole process in your hands.

What makes Abode a huge success is its affordability. Not only are their cameras and other products cheap but there’s no ongoing cost for a basic self monitoring plan as long as you’re happy to give up things like cloud recording.

If you’re running a small business with a tight budget but still want some basic surveillance, you can get it all from Abode. Their most expensive plan is $20 a month which includes professional monitoring around the clock, so you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want, and the Standard plan is about a third of that which makes it still affordable for most.

Abode does it all in security and automation which is great news for businesses hoping to become more efficient. Included in their range are cameras, sensors, alarms, smart power switches, and everything you need to make your office run smoothly and autonomously.

While you won’t find any cyber protection here, it’s enough to keep your physical property protected, and you’ll get even more peace of mind when you choose their professionally monitored plans.

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Before you choose a commercial security system to keep your company protected, check out some commonly asked questions and their answers, to get a push in the right direction.

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