How To Disable Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock

Google’s Smart Lock is a handy little feature you can use on the computer that remembers all of your passwords for you, so you don’t have to.

The password manager can be a godsend if you’re forgetful but it’s not without its problems and if you’re wanting to get rid of it, finding out how can be a challenge.

How do you disable Google Smart Lock?

It’s easy to disable Google Smart Lock on your computer by entering the settings file when you’re in Chrome and looking at the Passwords and forms category. From there, you can turn Smart Lock on and off, as well as see what passwords it has stored for you.

To walk you through the process, we’ve got some simple steps to follow that can make it easy to turn off Smart Lock on your computer, and the reasons why you might want to.

Check out this easy guide to take back control of your password management and remove the Google feature.

Why Disable Google Smart Lock?

smart lock benefits and drawbacks

Google Smart Lock is a suite of smart tools offered by Google, including a password manager for your computer and a way to keep your phone locked when it’s not with you.

The computer tool is a popular way to track passwords, but there are some issues that have led people to want it gone from their device:

  • Password visibility: If anyone gets access to your computer, they’ll be able to see all of your stored passwords by looking in the right settings and then clicking the eye to make them visible.
  • Mix-ups: The Google Lock software still has some faults and this means it can start storing incorrect passwords or using other data on a page and misinterpreting that as a password. You might find that after some time, the feature is more hassle than it’s worth.
  • Security: To feel safer about password management, some people keep their digital passwords written down somewhere physically and away from their computer. Although Google has made this a security feature, it might still help with your peace of mind.
  • Other users: If you have more than one user on your computer or are using a shared computer, it’s never a good idea to have Smart Lock enabled. Not only does it make it easy for others to access your accounts but it will also save their passwords for sites, leading to a lot of confusion.

Step By Step Guide to Disabling Smart Lock

steps to disable smart lock

It’s easy enough to disable Smart Lock on your computer thanks to the simplicity Google has designed it with.

To follow these steps, you must be at your computer and signed into your Google account.

  1. Open up Chrome and click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner. This will open up Chrome’s settings.
  2. Find the Passwords and Forms button and click on that, then scroll down and click on Manage Passwords.
  3. In this tab, you’ll need to turn the switch off where it says “Offer to save passwords off”.
  4. Staying in the Manage Passwords tab, you’ll also want to switch off the “Auto Sign-in” feature.

If you have a lot of passwords, you might want to make a note of them on a piece of paper and keep it stored somewhere safe and away from your computer.

You can access the passwords that Google Smart Lock has saved within the Passwords and Forms tab before you disable the service.

Other Google Smart Lock features are found on Android smartphones, and these are just as straightforward to turn off, and even easier than doing it on a computer.

Simply open the Chrome app on your phone, enter the settings, and then select to turn off Auto-save Passwords and Auto Sign In.

A Smart Feature When You Need It

smart lock on body functions

Google Smart Lock can be a great help when you need a password manager but if it’s started to get clunky, it might be time to get rid of it.

The feature is easy enough to turn on and off, but just make sure you’ve written down your passwords somewhere safe if you’re no longer relying on this tool.

Related Questions

A password manager is an easy way to keep all of your online codes in check for you, but like any other type of technology, it’s not without its faults and won’t always be a helpful tool.

To learn more about password managers and Google Smart Lock, check out these FAQs for some basic knowledge.

Should I Use Google Smart Lock?

smart lock settings

Google Smart Lock provides a variety of tools for your smartphone and computer, including password management and a locking system for your device.

There are a few tools within the Smart Lock suite that can help manage your digital activities, so it’s worth looking into what each of them offers.

How Do I Get Rid of Smart Lock on My Phone?

To turn off Smart Lock on your Android smartphone, use the phone’s settings and look for Smart Lock in the Security app.

Turn off the feature under the On-Body Detection category and then remove the trusted devices and trusted places listed on your phone before exiting out of settings and testing it.

How Do I Bypass the Previous Owner of Google?

If you have a second-hand device and the previous owner is still signed into their Google account on it, you can remove their details easily through the Settings and Google App tabs.

Clear the cache which will remove the previous account entirely, and then you’ll be able to sign in with yours and make this the primary account.


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