The Best Google Home Security System Options

Security options with google home

Google Home has ushered in a new way of living and provides a voice-responsive assistant that can help you run your life.

When it comes to home security though, you need a compatible system that’s going to work with this specific assistant, but how do you know which is best?

What are the best Google Home security system options?

Several security systems work with Google Home including Brinks, Scout, Vivint, ADT, and Simplisafe, each offering something unique. For compatibility with Google, one of these will serve you well as your home’s smart security setup, so you have to weigh up their features.

To help you do just that, we’ve developed a quick guide to the best options for a fully integrated Google Home security system.

With a rundown on what each of the top contenders offer, you’ll walk away with the smartest and most protective security suite out there, and one that runs seamlessly with your Google assistant at home.

The Best Google Home Security System Options

There are more options than ever for compatible security systems that work with Google Home, and it’s never been a better time to switch to a smart one.

These are the six frontrunners when it comes to security suites that integrate with your Google assistant, each with something special to offer.


brinks home security

For affordability and simplicity with your Google Home security system, Brinks is known as one of the best. You have the option to choose self-monitoring or professional monitoring and their monthly plans are reasonably priced, as well as being fully integrated with the Google setup.

Brinks stand out in many ways but most important is that they’ve been rated as the fastest emergency response time in previous tests. This leaves customers with good peace of mind that they’re using a reliable brand, and when coupled with the speed of Google Home, you’re left with one of the most efficient security systems around.

There were some minor drawbacks worth noting, as some of their plans lacking in important features which meant you had to upgrade. Customer service was also minimal which meant users had to rely on the community for help. If you don’t mind a DIY approach to your security Brinks is a great choice for Google Home Users.


Scout Security

Scout is a DIY security system dream and there are lots of options for you to take care of every step. For your troubles, you get one of the cheapest rates out there for security and there’s no need to lock into a plan, with monthly sign-ups possible as well.

The range from Scout is fully compatible with Google Home and their range features cameras, sensors, and everything else you need to feel secure. You have the choice of monitoring the system yourself or using their professional service, but installation must be done on your own.

One problem with Scout is that if you chose the self-monitoring option, you won’t have access to all of the features, so it can almost feel as if they’re pushing you to buy the professional version. This aside, Scout is still one of the smoothest security setups to use with Google Home and you’ll find it easy to give commands through the hub.


Vivint with google home

Vivint is a leader in home automation and smart security, so it’s no wonder they’ve partnered up with Google to make your home’s performance more seamless.  Vivint has a huge range including cameras, lights, sensors, and other home automation devices like curtains and entertainment, so you could easily deck your whole house out with the brand.

Vivint isn’t a good choice for non-committal types though, as you’ll need to sign up for at least 12 monthly contracts if you want your security system to be professionally monitored. Additionally, their equipment is costly and it can sting during the initial investment, so be prepared to pay when you’re first setting up.

Although costly, the quality of their hardware is exceptional, and if you like a lot of features, bells, and whistles, you’ll appreciate what Vivint has to offer. They offer a total package in home automation and have a great reputation for going the extra mile, so you won’t be disappointed. To get more from your Google Home security system, Vivint is a smart choice.


simlisafe home hub

SimpliSafe is one of the consistently highest-rated smart security systems out there today, and it works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to suit more customers. That’s not all when it comes to customization though, as you can decide whether you want 24/7 professional monitoring or are happy to do it yourself, and a range of different packages to choose from so you’re not spending too much money.

This security suite is compatible with not just Google but other smart devices, including August smart locks and Nest thermostats, giving you the complete smart home experience. Their plans come only in month-long terms so you don’t have to commit to anything you don’t want to, and it’s relatively cheap in comparison to others.

Within the SimpliSafe range, there are lots of products to pick and choose from, including door and window sensors, cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and more. Their website walks you through every step of the way and you can add whatever you need, and then install it all yourself for one of the easiest setups we’ve seen.

There are some downsides to consider though, namely the added cost for features like remote control and alarm alert. Some of their cameras could do with updated software, as the SimpliCam doesn’t seem to have a handle on face recognition yet. However, these issues aside, it’s one of the favorites of those with a Google Home setup and allows you to customize just about everything to suit your security needs.


ADT security

If you think of home security, the name ADT undoubtedly pops into your head, as they’re one of the oldest security companies in the US. Today, they have a massive range of smart systems and devices, and thankfully for us, they’re compatible with Google Home and have loads of other integrations.

The ADT Pulse range is their most popular for Google, and you can choose either a wireless or hardwired system. While chatting to an ADT consultant, you can build a home security system that meets your requirements, and the

One of the biggest benefits of choosing ADT is their name recognition and high-quality products. Their technicians are qualified and their monitoring services can’t be beaten, so if you’re happy to pay a little more, you’ll get a whole lot when it comes to this company. The commands that Google Assistant uses to achieve things are easier as well and it’s a more streamlined experience, so it seems the perfect fit for the Google brand.

If you like to do things yourself, you might not be into ADT Pulse though, as there’s a lot of things that their customer support reps or technicians can only do. It’s also one of the most expensive smart security suites but because of its features and brand recognition, some don’t mind the added costs.

Which is Best For You?

Do you favor affordability and simplicity over better features?

Would you rather have total control over your security system or do you want third-party monitoring?

These are all things to consider when choosing a compatible Google Home security system. Think about your personal security goals and what products can meet them to find the security option that’s the best fit, and let Google Home handle the rest.

Related Questions

Security is an important feature for any type of home and being able to utilize a smart security system is even better.

If you still have questions about how these surveillance devices work in a smart way, we’ve got answers, so check out these FAQs on smart security to learn a little more.

What Does A Smart Security System Do?

home controlling with smart security

Smart security systems are those that give control back to the homeowner and without the need to have footage and activity monitored by a third party.

Smart security systems include devices like alarms, cameras, and sensors, all of which send notifications directly to you when something deserves your attention.

Are Wireless Security Systems Any Good?

There’s a varying scale of quality with any type of security system, including wireless ones, and it will only be as effective as the WiFi network at your home.

Like anything connected to wireless, you can expect freezes, disconnections, and glitches when using a wireless security system, but they also have a lot of benefits.


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