Best 8 Smart Lock For Android

Reviewed Smart Lock For Androids

Gone are the days when you relied on a key to lock and unlock your door, as the smart home era has ushered in a new way to do it.

Using a smart lock and your Android smartphone, you can gain entry to your home hands-free, but with so many choices on the market, it’s overwhelming finding the best fit.

What are the best smart locks for Android?

Most brands today are compatible with Google Home and Android but the best options in 2021 come from August, Lockly, Nest x Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, and Ultraloq. These locks cover all prices, features, and security options, so you can find one that perfectly fits your smart home’s needs.

A smart lock Android compatible device isn’t hard to find these days, as almost every brand out there is capable of integrating with these Google-developed devices.

To help you navigate through the crowd and find a lock that will make your home truly smarter and safer, we’ve reviewed some of the best in show.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the best smart locks, we got you covered:

smart lock

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The Best Android Compatible Smart Locks for Android

Almost every smart device worth considering is compatible with Android devices, which is good news for those who are loyal to the brand.

When it comes to Android and Google Home friendly smart locks, the options are seemingly endless, so we’ve weeded out the pack to present to you the only locks worth considering.

#1: August Smart Lock

august smart lock

The third-generation smart lock from August is already established as an affordable and reliable device, and it’s perfectly compatible with Google Assistant and your Android device. This smart lock is discreet and looks just like a regular one, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to hack their way in.

The biggest downside to this is that there’s no WiFi built-in, so you’ll need to use your Bluetooth to connect it. If you do want to use wireless, there’s an additional cost to get the August Connect Hub, so while the device on its own is pretty cheap, it does come with some caveats.

The August Smart Lock provides loads of extras like an activity log so you can see who’s tried to access the door, hands-free unlocking when you get close, and DoorSense to tell if your door is still open.

If it is, August will let you know and then won’t attempt to lock until it is. Setup takes a grand total of 10 minutes and it’s a cheap way to secure your house from the easy access point of your Android device.

#2: Lockly Secure Pro

lockly secure pro

If your home requires all the bells and whistles when it comes to smart devices, it makes sense that your lock should have them too. The Lockly Smart Pro is just the choice then, and it’s got an expensive price to boot.

This smart lock’s best feature is the keypad, with keys that scramble around each time you use it so that nobody can guess your code.

You’ll also get access to a fingerprint reader if you want a more modern way of entering, or be able to use your smartphone to get inside or access the lock remotely. There’s no way to be accidentally locked out and the same goes for guests and visitors as well.

The Lockly Secure Pro doesn’t have the best design as you can’t adjust the screen brightness, which causes some visibility issues depending on the time of day, but it is sleek and has two color options of satin nickel and black matte.

On the upside, the Lockly lock. has an included WiFi hub so there are no extra costs or effort to set it up, and it has a kit included which senses when the door is open and lets you know.

#3: Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

ultraloq u bolt pro

This complete package from Ultraloq features the smart lock and WiFi bridge in one. With this single lock, you’ll be able to use voice command, a smartphone app, built-in keypad, fingerprint scan, or physical key to open the door, giving you more secure ways to gain entry than any of the others on the market.

There are plenty of cool features like a hideaway keypad, 360-degree capacitive fingerprint scanner, and micro-USB port should you need any emergency power, and in this regard, Ultraloq has gone above and beyond.

The zinc alloy design comes in no other colors than black and silver but has loads of integration with other smart devices and works with IFTTT applets.

This is an expensive option though, and it doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit, so mainly Android users will get to benefit from it. If you expect a lot from your smart lock and don’t mind paying the price to get it, you’ll be thrilled at how high tech but low maintenance the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro and WiFi Bridge are.

#4: Nest x Yale Lock

nest x yale lock

Google Nest has partnered up with Yale to create this revolutionary smart lock that goes above what others are capable of and is priced accordingly.

This smart lock works best with Google Assistant and unfortunately isn’t available with Amazon Alexa, but you can use the Nest app to control your lock from anywhere in the world, as well as offer access to friends and family with their own temporary pass.

You can ask Google Assistant to lock and unlock the door, or do it for you remotely as you get close enough. When coupled with the Nest Secure alarm, they’ll work together, and the alarm will go on whenever the door is locked and you leave the house so it’s all about convenience.

In addition to being expensive, the Nest x Yale Lock is a bit of a challenge to set up, even though there’s good customer support from Google. It comes in three different finishes of satin nickel, polished brass, and oil-rubbed bronze, so as well as being functional, it’s stylish too.

#5: August WiFi Smart Lock

august wifi lock

It should come as no surprise to see another entry from August in here, but this time it’s their 4th generation WiFi Smart Lock.

This lock can do it all and lets you unlock and lock your door from anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to spend quite a bit of money to see what it’s capable of, so be prepared for the price tag.

Just some of the noteworthy features of this lock include an activity log so you can see what’s been happening at the door, built-in WiFi so you don’t have to use any bridges or other accessories, and fully customizable settings that let you choose when auto lock should go off, plus more.

On the downside, it is expensive, and the overall design is pretty bulky, but the device is installed on the inside of the door so nobody can see you have a smart lock at work. It’s compatible with not just Android devices but also Amazon Alexa and others but works best with your Google Assistant.

#6: Kwikset Smart Code 888

kwikset smartcode 888

If you want more options for how to open your smart lock without breaking the bank, the Kwikset Smart Code 888 will be right up your alley. With this smart lock, you can use a physical key, keypad, or your compatible device, and there’s the choice to upgrade to a matching handle set as well.

There are three gorgeous finishes in Venetian bronze, polished brass, and satin nickel, and each is as sleek as the last. You’ll also get lots of automated functions like the auto lock which can be set to close after 30 seconds, for your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase a hub to make this work if you don’t have one already, and either Zigbee or Z-wave will do. Otherwise, you won’t get Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, unless you want to use it only as a keypad entry device and not a complete smart system.

All in all, though, it’s a cheap alternative that can still keep your house protected, provided you’ve got the hardware to match.

#7: Lockly PGD 728F

lockly pgd 728

If you have high hopes for a smart lock for your Android device, we’re confident that the Lockly PGD 728F can meet them. The Lockly lock is a key-free device that costs an arm and a leg, but is totally worth it, thanks to four options for opening including a 3D fingerprint sensor that makes you feel like a spy.

When security is your key concern, something like the Lockly PGD 728F is the best bet, and it has loads of extras like the keypads changing number positions so nobody can ever guess your password. More than three attempts to get in with the wrong code will send a notification and require you to put the correct password in twice more.

On the downside, it’s still got some functionality issues, like the fact that the deadbolt auto locks even if your door is open.

For the price, it’s an annoying feature, but Lockly has made up for it with two stylish color choices, full customization, access to its unlock history, and the ability to disable the keypad completely if you don’t want anyone attempting to use it.

#8: Schlage Camelot Connect Smart Door Lock

schlage camelot

Schlage has crafted a sleek, beautiful, and savvy smart door lock that comes in a few different colors so you can match it to the front of your home. This smart lock is Android friendly and even has a built-in alarm with three different modes you can use to keep your house protected.

When using the Schlage Camelot, you’ll rarely have to charge the battery and it’s accessible by friends and family if you choose to.

You can give out access codes to others so they can enter your home as needed, and keep an eye on the comings and goings thanks to the activity log. Whether you use it as a home lock or something for your vacation rental, it’s got everything you need.

The cons of this smart lock are that it’s expensive, and requires a Z-wave hub to connect it, so you’re looking at spending even more cash.

However, once it’s set up, you can use your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device to command it. This is a sleek and costly smart lock but if you want the peace of mind that its added features bring, it’s a worthy investment.

Related Questions

Android compatible smart products are everywhere these days and you don’t have to look far to find a lock worthy of protecting your castle and family.

There are loads of automated improvements you can make to your house to keep your home safer and smarter, so check out some commonly asked questions about them to get started.

Can A Smart Lock Be Hacked?

smarlock how it works

Yes, as with any device that relies on the internet to operate, a smart lock can be hacked in several ways so they’re not exempt from these attacks.

With vulnerabilities like device spoofing and plain text passwords, it’s important to choose a smart lock that’s guarded against these types of occurrences and one that gives the most protection possible.

Can You Manually Unlock a Smart Lock?

Yes, it is possible to manually unlock a door that has a smart lock fitted to it using the original key, even with those that have been retrofitted to an existing lock.

Most brands of smart locks give access to users to still operate the lock with a physical key, in case anything goes wrong with the smart device or software needed to open it.


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